…and then my pants ripped.

…and then my pants ripped.

I was doing my morning workout with one of my besties, when the topic of “stretch” in jeans came up.  We went on and on about the comfort and the shaping and all the other good things stretch material offers us.  Then, we had to face a bit of the reality…it was VERY forgiving.  As we discussed the coming of summer and the inevitable shorts and swimsuit season, we cursed our damn stretch jeans.  In a moment of real truth, we shared that each of us had only one pair of pants that were stretch free.  Hers a white pair (think Jimmy Fallon and tight pants skit), and mine a pair of crop jeans.  My very favorite in the whole wide world.

Feeling inspired by our workout, I decided to drag out those pants.  Time to face the reality.  It’s safe to say even on a good day these are tight, but fresh out of the dryer, a near catastrophe.  So, I pulled them on, wiggled and wiggled until my bum fell into place.  Then, I called in the heavy artillery – my husband.  Now, I’m not joking here, I was jumping up and down and asked him to give me a hoist (talk about denial).  So, he grabbed my belt-loops and lifted me up not once, but multiple times. Then I heard it, the dreaded riiiiiiiip sound.  Uh Oh.  I closed my eyes…oh no he didn’t!  Upon inspection, I found it was just a belt loop hole, but it was the end of an era.  The rip meant a couple things.  First, I would have to get out the sewing kit (if you know me well, you know this is not a strong suit).  Second, my bum just outgrew my beloved pants.

my pants
my pants

So, I’m left to ponder my situation.  I can either feel fat and have a pity party or consider the idea that my epic butt muscles have grown and that’s the source of the rip.  I choose the latter.  Perhaps it’s me leaning on the advice of my uncle Merle.  Well, it’s more his personal creed than advice, but I’m using it for this situation.  He says, “Take everything as a compliment, even possible insults, as not doing so can be counterproductive.”   Well said, uncle Merle, well said.  So instead of allowing that silly little tear be the insult that ruined my day, I am thanking my lucky stars for more muscle in my bum.

Next time your pants rip, you can choose to feel sorry for yourself or you can face the reality of the situation in a different way.   I’m not saying to ignore the reality – that’s just silly.  I’m just saying see the reality and find a way to make it productive.  Perhaps my bum got bigger from too much whip cream (that is a very serious possibility), or maybe it’s from squatting.  Either way, I’m going keep on squatting:)

I’m sorry

I’m sorry

I started in the fitness industry the moment I graduated from high school.  I’m not sure if it was the Joanie Greggains records I did as a child or maybe my first step class set to the tune of Micheal Jackson’s Beat It, that hooked me, but I was hooked! (duly noted in the ridiculous halloween costume below)  While I did also dream of being a killer hoop star, I just didn’t have the chops or the height to pull it off.  I realized, pretty early on, the thing I was best at, on any team, was being the cheerleader.  I was often the team captain, but it wasn’t because of my skill.  I was passionate about encouraging my teammates to run faster, go further, and drive harder.  I didn’t realize, at the time, but it would eventually be how I made a living.

Richard & Jane

From the athletes I worked with through college to the countless clients since then, I have found one thing in common.  These people were all brave enough to reach out for help.   I think somehow that decision was more accessible to them.  They felt capable of doing more.  Those tend to be the same people that join gyms and hire trainers.  They do, because they believe they can.  What about the rest of us?

Well, I think the fitness industry makes the idea of getting healthy daunting.  We post selfies of our fit bodies on FB and then shame people for not working out, i.e. “I have 2 babies, what’s your excuse”.  We advertise 6 pack abs and buns of steel – two things that are far away, if not impossible, to most.  While we really want to help, it seems our messaging tends to leave people feeling like “less than”.  Perhaps, occasionally, these same people work up the courage to join the gym, and when they do, they sign a one year agreement, and walk out the door never to return, defeated again.  We then collect those dues and have financial success while failing them, and ourselves.

I got into this business, like most fitness professionals, with passion to serve, help and support.  While we reach some, I think we can do better.  What I realize now more than ever, is success lies within an individual’s ability to believe in their own potential.

I kept thinking I had all the answers, but I don’t.  You know what’s best for you, what you can do, your budget, your experience, you understand your successes and failures, yet I write the programs, open the gyms and teach the classes.  I’m sorry that, in some cases, I’ve collected your dues while failing to help you reach your goals.

I’d like to change that.  I’d like to meet you where you’re at.  I will keep doing what I do for the crazy fitness addicts out there (I know who you are, I love you, I’m one of you), but I want to do something different too.  I would like you to take the wheel. For years I’ve pressed people to give up their morning cereal, workout four times a week and drink oodles of water.  While it is good advice, it wasn’t centered on what was best for the person, it was centered on what I thought was best.  Lectures, advice, and eye-brow raising judgment don’t work, at least it doesn’t long term.  Health is personal.  We know what to do, and the vast majority of us even know how to do it.  My good friend, Carol, has always said it best, “We are creative, resourceful, and whole.”

So, if we can do it, why aren’t we?  I think we all just need someone in our corner, someone who’s got our back.   Next time you have the courage to take back your health, please consider talking to us.  Not to tell you what to do, but to help you build self belief and set your potential free.  Because, what you are searching for is already in you.  Try trumi health coaching today.  One Week Free


My Stupid Bloody Lip

My Stupid Bloody Lip

Chair lift selfie – I would not advise this.

My spirits were high.  On Friday we had our first official day on the slopes (about time right?).  We had carefully picked up new skis and boots for both our little girls and were heading to the chalet early to get their bindings adjusted – it was going to be a great day.  

As we drove, I could feel the heat rising…not sure why all of us chose to put on 20 layers of gear before we actually got outside, but at the time, it seemed like a good idea.  I can feel a tinge of angst from the heat, but try to ignore that and keep my spirits up.  When we arrive, all goes well, we schlep 7 bags (yes 7) and the skis & poles into the chalet and get in line for adjusting.  The heat seems to be creeping ever higher, but I breathe and think of my powerful meditative ways to trigger my inner zen.  It’s our turn to get the skis adjusted (finally), and then we get a little lecture that they don’t usually do the adjustments so quickly (I grit my teeth a little…I had called ahead to be sure it would be ok).  Another deep breath, heat rising…

So we move into a different sitting area to wait.  We have a snack (a healthy snack – patting myself on the back), we all chat and wait…one hour.  Meanwhile my girls decide the helmets they decorated last year with duct tape are no longer quite right and they want it all removed.  So we start ripping and tearing the tape off.  It’s a little stubborn and the heat is really rising now.  I am pulling, grunting, and scratching at the damn tape and then boom, it happened.  I wrenched at a piece of tape and it let loose and so did the helmet – BOOM, right into my face.  My lip to be exact.  It stings.  I’m now sweaty hot with a bloody fat lip – and still an hour out from hitting the slopes.  Dear God help me!  Breathe, just breathe.

The moment we hit the slopes. Epic lip battle wound covered well by grown up pose.

Layers of tape…

We all have layers of tape – sometimes we put them on to feel better or look better.  They aren’t necessary, and often bog us down.  Some layers have been on for years and years, making them especially difficult to consider pealing off.  Then, there’s that moment where we decide we don’t need them anymore and we want the original.  As we strip away the layers, residue is left behind and maybe even some scratches and dings, and damn the process can really hurt.  BUT the original…it’s so original.  It’s 100% the true us – with all the bumps, scratches, and bruises…if you take it all in, it’s breathtaking.  We don’t necessarily see the original reflection of beauty, somehow it’s better now, with more depth, more meaning, more experience.

Do you have tape wrapped around you?  Is it really helping?  Is it something superficial that once removed would reveal something, perhaps not as shiny, but more authentic?  I challenge you to pull it off – get the fat lip, embrace the residue and feel ever more yourself.  Need some help with the process?  We’d like to volunteer. The trumi health coaching program is well equipped to give you the tools you need and support you want to take those layers off and find your true self.

In honor of my skiing adventure, and my interesting “meal” while skiing – I give you a healthy snack idea: peanut butter balls – pack them up for your next Après time:

BP balls

CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER PROTEIN BALLS (what’s not to love about chocolate and peanut butter?)

2 cups crunchy peanut butter
2 scoops chocolate whey protein (I love warrior whey)
2 ripe bananas mashed
2 T flaxseeds (ground of roasted depending on your texture preference)

Mix together, form into small teaspoon sized balls, freeze on parchment paper for 2 hrs! Voila, a yummy snack ready when you are!