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Gratitude – trumi



 During this time of the year we start to think about all of the things we are truly thankful for. I will admit as much as I am thankful for many of life’s conveniences (ipad, iphone, cars, mini heaters) I would give those up to have loved ones I have lost with me for just 1 day a year.  

 Though I am quite thankful for my health I have found when challenged with an activity goal, I reach not for the strength of my body, but for strength of those loved ones that are no longer here on earth. I am no marathon runner but have done a few 10 milers, which I find quite challenging, and I envision my deceased grandparents, great aunts and uncle, uncles, friends cheering me on. It’s interesting that I start off listening to blood pumping music such as One Republic, Maroon 5 or Mackelmore, but after about mile 3 I change over to a more soothing rhythm to sustain me. That is when I think about those who have touched and supported me and they seem to carry me through the rest of the miles. I think that is what spirituality is all about. Whether you are strengthened by loved ones, nature, readings, worship services, service to others, and more there is ‘something’ from which you get your hope and  strength from. It is that ‘faith,’ if you will, in a ‘higher being’ that can help you preservere to be better than you thought you could. 

We walk along this earth every day and take for granted many things. So, I challenge you to think about  your spirituality this week. What makes you tick and grow as a person? What makes you be kinder to others? What gives you your sense of purpose? We all have something inside of us that gives us some type of moral compass – what is it for you? What are you TRULY THANKFUL for this Thanksgiving and how do you show your gratitude to it, them, him, her? Do you communicate regularly? Relationships are a two way street so when you find strength in ‘it’ be sure you somehow say or perform a “Thank You.”

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