Diet Mistakes that Prevent Workout Results

A healthy diet is the key to having a productive workout. Yet, there are several mistakes that might interfere with your workout.

Drinking a protein shake before a workout: Because protein is digested much slower than carbohydrates are, drinking a protein shake before working out can cause stomach cramps and prevent the carbs you need for fuel from getting absorbed. Instead eat carbs before the workout and a higher-protein snack afterward.

Exercising on an empty stomach: During a workout your body burns carbs and fat. If those aren’t available, your body breaks down muscles. A small snack before a workout can do wonders.

Overusing energy bars: Eating an energy bar is about the same as eating a turkey sandwich. Many people who eat an energy bar after a workout will eat a meal later as well. You should either skip the energy bar or eat a smaller portion of a meal later.

Not eating enough good fat: Fat heals your muscles after a workout. Include small portions of foods like extra virgin olive oil, avocado, and almonds at every meal.

Buying the afterburn myth: While people burn more calories in the hours after a workout, most women only burn an additional 50 calories. Try to avoid splurging on extra calories after working out.

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