Clean that Grooming Routine!

Clean that Grooming Routine!

Just like tossing those trans fats from the kitchen it’s time to cleanse your home again! Who knew moisturizers, cleansers, baby products, sunscreen and others could actually be harming us?  Well, just as we eat food and go through the digestion process, toxic chemicals can be inhaled or absorbed by our skin and into our blood stream all too easily and start doing more damage other than ‘getting under our skin’.

Again, read the labels and compare with the 20 Toxic Ingredients to Avoid List and throw away any products which contain those ingredients. They can disrupt your hormones, cause reproduction and development defects, are allergens, irritants and can potentially cause cancer. 

  • Simplify your routine: Less is more!  The more stuff you need to use the higher the chances you will put toxic chemicals on or in your body. What do you really need? Cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. 

  • Read the labels: Marketing is always involved so just like in foods, the term “Natural” is unregulated and means nothing. Check out your existing product scores here (0 = lower hazard, 10 = high hazard) –

  • Buy Fragrance Free: Fragrance is a term used for trade secrets in which they don’t have to name specific ingredients. Many of the ‘fragrance’ ingredients are allergens and hormone disruptors! 

  • Choose Non-Toxic/Recyclable Packaging: Glass can always be recycled. There are various different types of plastics that may or may not be able to be recycled. Stay away from these plastics: Polycarbonate #7 (BPA) or #3/PVC which both are environmental and health hazards.

  • Company Values: Are they the same as yours? Does it do animal testing or use recyclable packaging? Have they signed a “Compact for Safe Cosmetics”? Are they taking steps to reduce their imprint on the environment? 

All of these steps can reduce your risk for unnecessary ailments. We would not eat anything toxic so why put it on our or our family’s bodies?

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