Interested in becoming a Health Coach?

We are seeking individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit, are health and fitness minded, hold a personal training certification (or willing to achieve prior to launch date), and have coaching and/or fitness skills.

It sounds so cliche doesn’t it? In this case, it is not.  Most coaches spend hours trying to build their business through sales, marketing and promotion.  All those hours of work for free.  Since we do all that heavy lifting for you, the hours you put in you get paid for. 

Simply put, less time spent trying to get business, more time actually working your business and more money in your pocket.

Doing what you love should be possible in the hours you have available.  

trumi works with our health coaching team to bring you business at the hours you have available.  We love to support your life balance by providing a system that keeps you busy when you want to be.

trumi is based on the concept of well-balanced living. We promote that by bringing the clients to you so you can spend more time helping others instead of designing flyers. 

You end up with more free time to take care of yourself and be with the ones you love. 

trumi believes in the power of connection and community.  We work with our coaches to build connections locally so they get to know their neighbors. 

Another perk; if you choose, you can still help people thousands of miles away without ever leaving your home.

Please fill out the form below, we look forward to speaking with you.