Want to take your health…out of the box?

Traditional weight loss and health initiatives are failing us!

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20% of people join a gym,

yet only 1 in 5 use it.

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10% have success with diets,

but most fail long-term.

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67% of Americans are

overweight or obese.

 There is more information online about “how” to lose weight and be healthy than ever in history! Meanwhile, the obesity epidemic seems to continue growing, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Let’s face it. There is too much information, too many options and not enough support! We need less fad diets, less workout routines, less quick fixes, and more focus on inspiring action!

 At trumi, we take a different approach…

We utilize the power of natural food, healthy environment, science-based curriculum, and a supportive and encouraging team; to lose weight (and keep it off), move better (look and feel the way you want to) and create more balance in your life (remove stress, connect, and laugh more!).

 Simply put, we take an approach to health that works.

REAL Fitness

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REAL Fitness is about two things: Heart and strength! That’s why trumi programming uses a combination of interval and muscle metabolic training to increase strength and improve the body’s natural fat burning machine.

trumi is a fitness course, not a class. As opposed to “just a workout”, our 12-week program will take you through an ever-changing journey of health that will revitalize your spirit and your body!

REAL Nutrition

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REAL Nutrition is about ditching the diets…Seriously, for good! Proper nutrition is actually very simple; but complicated habits are hard to break. At trumi, there are no points to count, no obsession over calories, and no pre-packaged foods to eat. You simply learn how to eat real, healthy, whole foods.

During your course, you will receive weekly coaching and education, as well as grocery store tours and special taste events.

REAL Community

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REAL Community is about connecting with people in a healthy, supportive environment. Your soul craves connection. That’s why, at trumi, your fitness community is an integral part of the adventure.

The trumi environment is also as close to natural as the food we teach you to eat; be prepared for fresh air, sunrises, and sweat…if you’re lucky you’ll come home with grass stains and flushed cheeks!

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