Why Buy Organic?


Why Go Organic?

“Organic” means that a product has not been given any antibiotics or growth hormones, are fed organic feed and have not been giving any medication other than for vaccinations  or illnesses. Fruits and veggies have been grown without the use of insecticide/pesticide use, the seed and any fertilizer used is natural.

Studies between organic and conventional produce have been neutral…some showing more nutrient levels in organic and some showing the same nutrient levels. What  multiple studies have shown  is that there is a higher pesticide/herbicide/insecticide levels with conventional foods. Those chemicals have been linked to various health issues such as ADHD, autism, cancer, anemia, stomach and intestinal problems. They are also considered “Endocrine Disruptors” as they mimic the effects of human estrogen and testosterone thus interfering with the bodies ability to communicate properly.

Whatever you can do to purchase organic is greatly encouraged!