Where to get Vitamin D…Besides the Sun?

Our bodies need Vitamin D but it’s not safe to sit out in the sun for hours. Eating vitamin D rich foods is another great way to increase the vitamin D in your body. So what are sources of vitamin D besides the sun?


1. Fatty Fish – Good choices are salmon, tuna, and trout. A 3-ounce sockeye salmon fillet contains about 450 international units (IUs) of vitamin D—a good portion of the 600 IUs that is the Institute of Medicine’s recommended dietary allowance. And you get a bonus—heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids! Score!

2. Mushrooms – Certain types of mushrooms are good sources of vitamin D.  Mushrooms are typically grown in the dark but some types of mushrooms that have access to sunlight or ultraviolet light can create vitamin D in the mushroom. Check to see if your mushrooms are rich in vitamin D the next time you pick them up at the store.

3. Eggs but more importantly Egg Yolks – Eggs are a poplar food anytime of the day so it can be easy to get in the vitamin D. But, and this is important, the vitamin D comes from the yolk so it’s important to eat the whole egg not just the egg whites. So get crackin’ and go eat some eggs!