What Your Hair and Nails Say About Your Health

The health of a person’s hair and nail say volumes about the person’s overall health. In fact, poor hair and nail health are typically signs of a nutritional deficiency.

While a top-of-the-line hair product might turn your dull and thinning locks shiny and thick for a little while, you’ll see the most improvement if you make the following basic nutritional adjustments:

Eat healthy fats with every meal
Take fish oil and GLA supplements
Get enough protein
Eliminate nutrient-depleting food and drinks, like sugary sodas

Certain hair and nail problems can indicate issues that may require other recommendations. Consult with a nutritionist to develop a plan to help you combat these nutritional deficiencies:

Hair loss or thinning: Iron, zinc, vitamin D, or protein deficiency
Brittle or splitting nails: Protein or biotin deficiency or poor digestion and absorption of trace minerals.
Vertical ridges on nails: Iron deficiency or poor absorption of hydrochloric acid
White spots on nails: Zinc deficiency
Nail fungus: Lack of sufficient “friendly” bacteria

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