Well-meaning Workout Pit Falls

We often have the best intentions when we start our workouts. But sometimes even our best intentions can keep us from getting the most benefit out of our exercise programs. Here are some of the most common pitfalls:

Sacrificing sleep to workout early: Not getting enough sleep can hamper weight loss efforts and contribute to a wide range of health problems. If you prefer to exercise in the morning, make sure you get a full night’s sleep.
Focusing on one area of your body: Only training one area of your body creates imbalances in your body that can increase your risk of pain and injury. The best way to see results is do a balanced workout regimen that includes cardio, strength and flexibility components.
Trying all the latest fitness trends: While mixing up your workout routine is generally a good thing, if you simply try every fitness fad and never stick with anything long enough to improve, you’ll never have the chance to reap the benefits. Instead, develop a workout plan that incorporates several different exercise styles, but be consistent with it for at least four to six weeks.
Sticking to one workout routine: On the other hand, you may miss out on some of the benefits of exercise by only doing one style of training. Try to supplement your favorite workout with other activities that will help boost your results and overall fitness level.
Following the “no pain, no gain” methodology: Continuously pushing your body to its limits can be stressful on your system, making you more susceptible to injury, illness and overtraining. Instead, alternate high-intensity workouts in your rotation with a softer routine, like yoga.
Over (or under) estimating yourself: Challenging yourself too much, too fast can cause injury and not challenging yourself enough can keep you from seeing results. LGN trainers can give you advice on how much to push yourself in your workouts. This will help you prevent injury and see better results faster.
Hitting the gym twice a day: When it comes to exercise, more is not necessarily better. To see the best results, make sure that good nutrition is a part of the equation.
Working out with a friend: While your friend may help you show up for your workout, exercising with a friend who likes to talk more than she or he likes to work out might not do you much good. Search for a workout partner who has similar goals and training focus.

No matter what, high-intensity interval training – like Look Good Naked – can help you circumvent or overcome many of these pitfalls and allow you to maximize the health benefits from your exercise.

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