We Must Overcome – Just Stop It!

Have you ever had a task or event set before you that seemed excruciatingly miserable at first glance? Maybe you were dreading the task or event for weeks before hand. Your thoughts were consumed with all of the terrible aspects of the task or event…you may have felt angry that you couldn’t get out of it…you may have even taken it out on your closest family and friends. Sound familiar?

Now fast forward to the actual undertaking of the task or event. Are your memories of the subject as bad as what you had made it out to be? Most of the time our worst fears and darkest thoughts never actually happen. Instead we spend so much time focused on the negative we lose the joy, and learning that comes from being in the moment.

Now apply this to your workout. You can work up all sorts of things in your head about how difficult it will be, how your lungs will burn, how your muscles will ache, how your body will look to others while you are exercising. You might start thinking about what others will think about you for even trying.

About two years ago I decided to attempt to run a marathon. If any of you have ever attempted a similar event, you will relate to what I have to say. Long distance running has never been my strong suit. My body did ache, my lungs did burn, everything hurt and my soul was screaming STOP THE INSANITY! However, I knew that the marathon wasn’t about the running, it wasn’t about the calories burned, it wasn’t about the muscles being shaped in my legs. It was about teaching my mind to overcome the negative thoughts in my head and to press forward IN SPITE of everything else to accomplish the end result.

How do you do this? Well, it’s not easy and it takes practice, but through practice and experiencing success you can learn to overcome the negative thoughts. Here’s the secret…STOP IT! I know it sounds too simple doesn’t it. But, really…silence the negative thoughts and begin to repeat again and again in your head a positive thought. For example, when my feet ached with every step, I began to repeat to myself “My feet feel great, I am doing great, this marathon can’t beat me, I am going to conquer this race”. Again, and again, and again. Totally corny – I know, but it works.

In order to Reveal Yourself you must Take the Challenge and learn to Embrace the Change!

Here is a video to help you remember what to do when the negative thoughts begin to over take you.