Water Intake 5 Ways

We know we should drink more water but that coveted 8 glasses a day, for many,  is rarely reached. The Center of Disease Control estimates that 43% of U.S. adults drink less than four cups of water daily. Yowzers.

Hydration is critical to cleanse our body of toxins, maintain high energy, ensure a strong immune system, and keep our skin glowing like the midnight stars. Sometimes it can be the simplest gestures that help encourage us to drink more water – it doesn’t have to be as difficult and frustrating as some might think.

Take these 5 tips and apply them to your everyday routine for two weeks, I think you’ll be surprised at the outcome!

1. Drink water first thing in the morning.

Put a clean glass in the bathroom by the sink or in the kitchen by the sink, so that it’s one of the first things you see in the morning. Fill it up, and keep it with you as get ready for your day – whatever that routine may consist of. For me personally I leave it by the kitchen sink, fill it up, make breakfast, shower (yes, I do bring the water glass with me), and then get ready in my bedroom. All the while I keep the glass of water near so that all morning I’m guzzling. By doing this, I get 1-2 glasses in before even leaving for work!

2. Sweeten water naturally with fruit.

Sometimes you just need to liven of the party. Said party being water, of course J This can make drinking your water more exciting – therefore encouraging your consumption. Follow this link to one of our blog posts containing 4 different flavored water recipes!

3. Invest in a water bottle or carafe you love.

Ever felt thing energetic zing of sporting a new outfit? Then just think – if you’re drinking out of a zing-less water pitcher or well-worn gym bottle; don’t you think an upgrade might assist in the level of enthusiasm you experience whilst drinking water? Something that adds style to the way you drink water – and also something that filters it. For an example, check out the Soma Carafe!

4. Track your progress throughout the day.

It’s one thing to make a change, it’s quite another to stay consistent within that change to make it a habit. Maybe you need some sort of daily reminder – it can be as simple as setting daily alarms on your phone that remind you drink up, or even on your computer at work. Once you get accustomed to this, you will start to build momentum and eventually not even need your reminders!

5. End your day with herbal tea.

In addition to hydrating, herbal tea also offers added health benefits! Even just squeezing some lemon into warm water can help boost your immune system, aid digestion, and remove toxins to clear skin. You can even drink Sleepy time tea – or other similar tea’s including things like chamomile and passionflower, both known to cause drowsiness.

There you have it! Water intake 5 ways – enjoy  🙂