Trumate of the Week!

Glen is a retired pilot from Northwest.  He has a very quiet presence in class, but you need to listen carefully to his comments.  His one liners are very quick witted and interject a lot of humor to the class. Glen started the ReNu program last fall “to get his muscle moving”.

He likes coming to the class because of the camaraderie of the group.  He also likes the fact that Trumi Renu “is not a gym”.  He finds them intimidating. The other thing Glen likes about the class is that it’s geared to each person individually – “You do what you can do” and that the trainer isn’t pushy.

Glen has seen some dramatic changes in his numbers.  His A1C and weight are the lowest they’ve been in over 20 years.  He contributes this to the change he’s made in what he eats.

I couldn’t prouder of Glen’s commitment and determination.  He truly is an example that you are not too old to work out and make positive changes to your health. 123

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