Trumate of the Week: Char “The Enforcer”

7be6b7_1bcdc11930a94f34bd55793ddb1e5cde.jpg_srb_p_384_1024_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Char’s Trainer, Krista, nominated her for our “Super Star Spotlight” for her committment to creating a healthy lifestyle for herself and everyone around her. From the beginning she has given her all to every workout, then encourages her friends, family and coworkers to try exercises from our sessions. She even made her friends drink kale smoothies instead of beer while watching football because they couldn’t beat her in pushups, plank holds or sit ups! “I knew there was something special about her the very first time I spoke with her. She has seen great improvements in her strength and has lost inches and pant sizes. She has accomplished all of this despite the many curve balls life has thrown her” says Krista.

“I look forward to seeing her achieve all of her goals-there is NO STOPPING her!”

Char- We love that you are committed to helping others be healthy too!!