Trumate of the Week


Our Trumate of the Week is Bridgett! Her trainer Laura nomianted her for all of the hardwork that she puts into class. Bridgett has great persistence and a positive attitude. She started summer of 2014 and has grown so much. She started training lightly reserved and used smaller weights and is now knocking it out of the park! She gives 110% in training, has changed some of her nutrition with the help of food logging (awareness) and gives our training group more energy by woking so hard herself and encouraging others! She has grown more confident in her abilities and is a great example to others of what a balanced lifestyle and clean living can do. She inspires others to work hard, try new things and come into their own in their own time. Laura can hardly wait to see Bridgett kill the hills and stairs of Stillwater.

We are so lucky to have you Bridgett!