Trumate of the Week

Maria’s trainer Sara nominated her to be our Trumate of the Week. Her story is wonderful and so inspiring! She is a wonderful person, mother, friend, and Trumate.

When I first met Maria I knew she was an incredible person.  She shared that she  invited her sister to move in with them to help her during a grueling fight against cancer, all the while taking care of her own family.  She told me about her son who needed to do tube feedings 5x a day because he wasn’t able to swallow properly and how she was searching for answers.  In the middle of our first meeting I couldn’t help but feel the weight of her circumstances, it was real and heavy.  We shared some tears and figured out a plan that would work for her.

The first workout she blew me away.  There was something so fierce and determined in her eyes.  She is so open to try new things, make changes and search for the highest level of health for her family. She’s gotten great results, food logs brilliantly, strives for whole food balance, and manages an incredible vegetarian lifestyle.  While all of that is impressive indeed, it’s not what pops into my mind when I think of her.  I think of how tenderly she cared for her sister right until the end. I think of the labor of love in blending whole foods to just the right consistency for her son’s tube food instead of buying the processed pre-packaged formula.  I think of her kindness, her generous heart, and how she shows love to others…it’s so beautiful.  That is her brilliance, that is her true beauty, that is what is behind those fierce eyes.   It’s why I’m proud to be her trainer and lucky to be her friend.