Trumate of the Week!

Siri was nominated by her trainer Allison!

Siri joined Trumi last summer, and has been going strong ever since. I LOVE her story because she is a shining example of sticking with it, and reaping the rewards! She sets continual goals for herself, celebrates when she hits one, and then moves right on to another goal! She is always smiling, she has pushed through some hard times, she has NOT given up even through some plateaus, and she has been losing weight steadily….I want to say about 18 pounds since last summer! One thing she deserves kudos for in particular is her attention to her nutrition! She is great at making the changes I suggest for her, and not only that, but being very observant as to what certain changes and eating patterns do for her body, both good AND bad. I love that she pays attention and listens to her body and does what her body responds positively to! We all just love her!! She is also confident and proud of her own results!

Her comments about her before and after photos:

“What a difference a year makes! It just hit me by searching for a pic. And it’s more than the pounds…despite the fact that life did NOT get easier, I’m just a happier person now!!”

Way to go Siri!! Trumi is incredibly proud of you!! Congrats Siri!!