Tips to Hit that Resolution in 2015!

Did you know that 45% of Americans do infact make resolutions AND even better those that do are 10 times more likely to make that resolution happen! So, the question is how do you stick with it? Here are some tips!

Set intentions- Focus on the direction you want to go .. not the direction you should go and then ask yourself why? How will your life change when you head in that direction?

Stop the negative self talk- You would never tell your friend that he/she cannot do something or they don’t have enough time. You would tell them to turn that negative into a positive..AND if they feel they don’t have the time…how can they make time? Right? Be your own best friend!

Write a mission or mantra statement and post it around your house, office, car, phone – wherever. It will help you stay focused on that intention. Also, tell others to help keep you accountable.

Make sure your intention is sustainable – Complete restriction probably won’t work. To say that you going to give up that daily cup of Caribou to put $50/month away won’t work if you LOVE Caribou. Perhaps visit Caribou twice a week to be able to put $40/month into savings. Work your way up with small steps that you can control. Big steps that are unsustainable will just drive you nuts.

Have a ‘Weekly Management Meeting’ with yourself – Managers do it weekly, family meetings can be weekly, why not check in with yourself about what went well and what didn’t go well last week. Make adjustments and try again!

Remember no one is perfect and there is only one you- Be yourself and be persistent!

Cheers to your fabulous 2015!