There’s an App for That

Mobile phone use is growing exponentially. Americans now spend about 10% more times on apps than they do on a web browser. There are tons of apps available to help you take control of your health, from healthy shopping ideas to calorie counters to fitness trackers. Here are some of the most useful apps (many of which are free):

Fooducate: This app lets you can the barcode of any product, then gives you a letter grade, the number of calories per serving, and additional relevant health-related information.
True food: This app is filled with tons of information and resources as well as ways you can take action.
Locavore: This app finds your location and displays a list of local fruits and vegetables currently in season.
Is that gluten free: You can search its database of over 23,000 items to find out if the food is gluten-free.
Fitness Builder: It contains a large library of exercise images and video, access to a live personal trainer, and a fitness-tracking feature.
Lose it: This app helps you set weight loss goals and tracks your calorie intake through a comprehensive list of restaurant and grocery store brands.