When I started Trumi it was because it fit my schedule. I knew I was available at 5:30 AM (yawn), but I also began to realize that because most people had not even hit their snooze button on their alarm clock there would be no other commitments or excuses to keep me from my workout.  I was so out of shape and I had aches in my knees that I had never felt before. Nicole was so patient. She made accommodations to help strengthen my knees safely and although it took some time – the pain is gone! I have become much stronger, feel much healthier, and I actually look forward to my workouts! The best outcome from my Trumi workout with Nicole came last week at my annual doctor’s appointment; my doctor said that my cholesterol was so much lower that he cut my dosage of medication in half.
Trumi is a great program and Nicole is a phenomenal trainer. She is a little thing, but boy will she motivate and hold you accountable for your fitness goals!

About Nicole Behmer

I have been into fitness pretty much my whole life. I began my career as a physical education teacher and coach. After starting a family I transitioned in to personal training. I am passionate about helping you take care of yourself and your family. I take a realistic and natural approach to helping you live a healthier life from the inside out.