Sweet Success – Lindsey!


Meet our Trumate of the Week-Lindsey!

Lindsey’s trainer nominated her because Lindsey “blew us all away! She never missed a day, was even at the gym on Friday mornings for her own workout AFTER the full week of Trumi classes. She attended all Saturday drop in sessions and logged her food each and every day-thoroughly! She pushed for faster runs, more push ups, a longer plank and just overall excellence each week! She dropped 23 pounds, 6% body fat, and over 11 inches during the 12 week course! And she is all geared up for the winter session to make even more astounding progress! She’s a shining example of how putting in the effort creates results! She let Trumi guide her and teach her, but in the end, her success is because of HER hard work!”

– Allison, her proud trainer!