Strawberry Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt

 Strawberry Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt


Frozen Yogurt:

2 cups frozen strawberries

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

1/4 cup plain greek yogurt

1/4 cup cottage cheese

4-6 packets of stevia

1 tsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp xanthan gum (optional, but helps thicken)

Optional Waffle Bowl:

2 whole grain/high fiber tortillas

2 packets of stevia

1 tbs of cinnamon


1. To make waffle bowls: Preheat the oven to 375F degrees. In small bowl mix together sweetener and cinnamon. Microwave tortillas for 30 seconds until warm. Place tortillas draped over bowls on the baking sheet, lightly pressing them down, forming them around the bowls. Spray the tortillas lightly with cooking spray, and sprinkle with cinnamon mixture. Bake in hot oven for 10-15 minutes, or until the tortillas are lightly brown, and/or starting to get crispy. (Will crisp up as they cool). Remove from oven and let cool completely.

2. To make frozen yogurt: While the tortillas are cooling, make the frozen yogurt by placing everything in the blender until creamy. 

3. To serve: Divide the frozen yogurt mixture between the two tortilla bowls and enjoy! If you didn’t use a tortilla bowl – just divide mixture between two dessert bowls and enjoy 🙂

Nutrition Information

Makes 2 servings

Calories per serving: 93 | Fat: 1g | Carbs: 15g | Fiber: 4g | Protein: 7g

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