Spirituality & Your Health

As much as modern medicine advances there is a factor that has an impact on a persons health and healing that some are unaware of – the strengthen of a persons spirituality or faith.

“A variety of investigators have reported that strong spiritual commitment is positively associated with lower rates of arte-riosclerotic disease in men and women, better health and longer life span, decreased rates of suicide, fewer suicidal thoughts, decreased rates of alcohol and drug abuse, and greater levels of happiness and life satisfaction.”

This article is incredibly interesting – click here to read the full article.


We are not saying that you should believe in a higher power. We are just providing a study that has multiple studies within that show there is evidence with spirituality and good health. These studies don’t show a cause-and-effect they just provide evidence and connection.

The study can be found here: The Effect of Spirituality on Health and Healing: A Critical Review for Athletic Trainers