Snacking isn’t always a Bad Thing

A common misconception is that snacking is a bad habit. If you go through a bag of chips every time you snack, then snacking can be bad for you. But eating balanced snacks throughout the day can actually boost your metabolism.

If you go too long without eating, your metabolism will slow to storage mode, which can lead to weight gain and low energy levels.

Healthy snacks should incorporate proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. Here are some quick and easy snack ideas:

  • Nitrate-free beef or turkey deli meat with cream cheese wrapped around a pickle, bell pepper, apple, or pear slice

  • Sardines packed in oil with a side of fruit

  • Wasa crackers topped with avocado and shredded chicken

  • Boiled eggs with apple and peanut butter

  • Beef stick with fruit and nuts

  • Chicken mixed with mayo on top of Wasa crackers

  • Cottage cheese with fruit and sunflower seeds

  • Cold sliced steak with carrot sticks in ranch dip

  • Cup of chili