Slow and Steady Wins the Weight Loss Race

Fad diets promising that you could lose pounds quickly do not often translate into success (or at least success over the long term). That’s because these low fat, low calorie eating plans rob people of their basic metabolisms.

If you are trying to lose weight, try to drop only one or two pounds per week. While this might seem like it would take a long time to reach your target weight, you are more likely to remain at your target weight once you’ve reached it. People who have lost weight this way also report better energy, clearer skin, less digestive problems, more positive thoughts, and fewer cravings.

Try this weight loss plan: Eat small meals five to six times a day and include animal protein, vegetables carbohydrates, and healthy fats each time you eat. Eliminate processed carbs and sugars. Replace soda with water, plan your meals, exercise one hour per day, and sleep eight to nine hours per night. It could be helpful for you to track your calories so that you think more about the amount and type of foods you are eating. Anytime Fitness has a helpful calorie tracker on Anytime Health.