Should You Really Drink Straight Vinegar?

Some fad diets recommend drinking apple cider vinegar straight to boost your heath. However, more and more research has shown that it’s probably not worth it to drink the disgusting concoction.

Contrary to popular belief, apple cider vinegar does not boost vitamin C levels, because it doesn’t even contain small amounts of the vitamin. Nevertheless, vinegar does have other nutritional elements. It is high iron, potassium, calcium and copper, and it can think your blood to prevent clots.

Because of its high acid content, apple cider vinegar might harm your teeth, since acid can erode your tooth enamel. It might also burn your esophagus. To minimize the health risks, avoid drinking vinegar straight. Instead pair it with food to avoid direct contact with large amounts of pure vinegar. For example, topping spinach and grapefruit with a vinaigrette made with apple cider vinegar provides your body with a rich source of vitamin C, due to the high ascorbic acid content of grapefruit flesh.