Nutrition Rules for Children

Childhood obesity rates are skyrocketing across the globe. Making sure your kids eat healthy is just as important as making sure you eat healthy. Here are some rules to help make sure your kids develop healthy eating habits:

  • Balance and variety: Even though kids might only like certain foods, it’s important to offer kids new types of food and encourage them to explore several different options of healthy foods.

  • Low sugar, low fat: In addition to providing low-fat foods, limit the amount of fruit juice that your kids drink because fruit juices are often high in sugar content. Offer your kids skim milk if they are drinking too much fruit juice.

  • Whole grains, fresh foods: Feed your kids a diet of mostly whole grains, including high-fiber grain products, and include two to three servings each of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Vitamins and minerals: Eating a balanced diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables is key to making sure that kids receive the vitamins and minerals they need to grow. Calcium and iron, which are found in dairy and meat products respectively, are crucial to kids development.

  • Kids’ choice: The “clean-plate club” is no longer the club you want your kids to be in. Instead of requiring that your kids eat everything on their plates, allow them to decide when their body feels full.