Nutrition for the Road

Nutrition for the Road


Life is always on-the-go, which means you’re always on the go too. We all know it can be difficult to balance our nutrients and eat healthy ESPECIALLY when we’re traveling – planes, trains, automobiles…and vacations. We’re usually looking for things that are easy, quick, and convenient.

For example, if you’re on a lengthy car trip you might be tempted to stop off at the nearest gas station and grab a doughnut or a muffin for breakfast. Same concept goes if you’re waiting for your flight at the airport – maybe you grab a pastry and a mocha from Starbucks. What’s wrong with that, you might ask? I’ll tell you. Odds are the pastry and tasty mocha you’re consuming contain trans fat and too much sugar. These things in turn will block your insulin and neuroreceptors, says Brenna Thompson, registered and licensed dietitian. This leads to weight gain, bad mood, and fogginess. Suddenly that krispy kreme is sounding less appetizing, huh? Sadly, Americans eat like this more often than you would think.

In fact, according to Dr. Mark Hyman, the average American consumes 29 lbs. of french fries, 23 lbs. of pizza, 24 lbs. of ice cream, and 53 gallons of soda per year. Wow. Now those are some scary statistics.

We don’t want to fall victim to these convenient yet health detrimental temptations!Here’s the good news – there are ways to keep your nutrition balanced and in check, even when you’re on vacation or on-the-go. Have an early flight to Florida? Try preparing hard boiled eggs and cooking some veggies and bacon in coconut oil the night before. Make two servings so you can eat one right away in the morning and the other before boarding or while on the plane.

I know airports have the rule of not being able to bring any liquids, etc. over 3 ounces past security; so here are a few nutrient filled snack options that will get you through in more ways than one:

  • Drained olives (in a plastic bag)

  • Buffalo jerkyTurkey sticks (nitrate free)

  • Celery sticks with almond butter

  • Fruits/veggies in plastic baggies

  • Tea bag of your favorite tea

  • Pickles wrapped in meat (choose healthy protein) with whole cream cheese

Not only will these be effective at the airport, but also for other forms of travel like those lengthy car and train rides.

And finally, when you are booking a vacation somewhere, try and find a place to stay that includes a full kitchen. This way you are sure to be able to prepare and cook all of your own meals. Next, create a grocery list and pre-plan your meals for each day of the trip. Cooking yourself will also help save some cash on dining out! Bonus! It’s a win-win situation.

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