Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

I once heard some one say “If enough people are telling you something you should probably  believe it.” How very true that is…so if we tell ourselves the same thing over and over again- do we start to believe it as well? Yes, we not only believe it but start behaving that way. So it’s time to turn the tables and make sure we believe how fantastic we really are! Here are a few ways to increase your self-esteem and body image! 

1. Appreciate what your body can do! If your thighs are muscular from jumping on the basketball court-MORE POWER TO YOU! If your nose is slightly bent to the east – we call that character! If you can’t remember numbers but remember faces – you have a social gift! We are a bit different and thank goodness for that! What a bore life would be if we were all the same!

2. Make a Top 10 List of things you like about yourself and read it often!  Paste it on your front door and glance at it on your way out the door. Set your cell phone reminder 5 times a day to remind you just how amazing you are! Post it on your mirror and look forward to seeing that stickie note every morning! 

3. True beauty comes from the inside! If you don’t like you, no one else will either. 

4. You are your whole self!  You are not your nose that points east, nor are you that extra inch of fat that has appeared on your belly. Those are just small parts of you…look at the BIG PICTURE! 

5. Surround yourself with positive people! You are who you hang out with so hang out with fun, positive people who enjoy life in abunance! 

6. Shushhhh the negative talk!  Instead of telling yourself how big your thighs are turn it around – my thighs are strong and powerful and allow me to ski down a hill, run after my kids or even clean my house! Take pride in what you have!

7. Wear comfortable clothes that fit you well! There is nothing worse than shoes that are too small or clothes that you aren’t comfortable in, right? I think the small shoes example explains this one! If not, seek out a tailor and you will be amazed!

8. Be kind to yourself! Take a walk, read a book, meditate, spend a little time caring for yourself as you would another person. Be your own best friend! 

9. Don’t get hung up on social media and advertising! Even the most beautiful people are photoshopped. It’s all a hoax to get you to buy something-Marketing 101! 

10. Help others! Get outside of yourself and give to someone less fortunate than you. You have good energy to give to those that really need it – you don’t need to be spending that energy negatively when there are so many ways help!

For more information visit National Eating Disorder Association 

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