Minimizing Cold Sore and Shingle Flare Ups

Cold sores and shingles are caused by herpes viruses. Once you are exposed to these viruses, they can remain dormant for many years until your system is weakened by stress of lack of sleep. You can help minimize flare-ups through your nutrition.

Keep your immune system strong. Since 80% of your immune system is made in your intestinal tract, we recommend taking a probiotic supplement to support intestinal health and strengthen immunity. You should also get eight to nine hours of sleep each night so that your immune system can be properly replenished.

Eat immune-building foods and beverages such as vegetables. Make sure you get enough B vitamins, which can be found in foods like grass-fed meat, nuts, and sweet potatoes. Add garlic and healthy oil to your dishes because they have antiviral properties. Make sure to drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water to flush out waste and toxins to keep our body healthy.

Avoid immune-suppressing foods. Sugar and processed carbohydrates that turn into sugar zap your immune system. To stay healthy, pass on chips, candy, cookies, pie, soda and alcohol.

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