Meditation-Can it really help me?

Ohmmmmm, Ohmmmmm….
have heard of muscle memory but can one really change DNA with meditation? The answer is YES! Meditation can actually change the length of telomeres! Yes, telomeres – the small caps at the end of chromosomes! Interested now? The Canadian journal Cancer has published research that showed the length of telomeres stayed the same size with the help of meditation. As we age, these telomeres typically get smaller which can cause memory loss and lack of focus. If we can keep these the same length we can help stave off those memory and concentration issues as well as lead happier lives with lower rates of depression and stress.

Give it a shot! Try to meditate just 2 times this week for 5 minutes. Easy peasy-simply lay down, close your eyes, tune out those external and internal voice and focus on your breathing. Now take longer breaths. If something enters your mind replace it with a visual of clouds, white paper or water.

You can do it!!