That little $4 drink you see at the grocery store does wonderful things for your gut. However, if you love Kombucha like we do at Trumi it can also put a hole in your wallet. So we have started brewing our own. You can resue the Kombucha bottles or put your Kombucha in Mason Jars.


What you’ll need to get started:

A gallon size glass jar or bigger

1 gallon or more of brewed sweetened tea Рcooled to room temperature

1 Kombucha SCOBY – This is crucial when started to brew. If you know someone who brews their own Kombucha ask them for a SCOBY. You can also buy SCOBYS online.

1 kitchen towel or coffee filter and a gaint rubber band

1 Cup Organic Sugar

Step-by-Step instructions with pictures can be found at: http://baileymckenzielife.blogspot.com/2014/07/brewing-kombucha.html