Is the Holiday Stress Already Creeping In?

I find myself already feeling a little frazzled about holiday hoopla. The usual peptalk of: pull yourself together, yank up those boot straps, cowbow up…isn’t really working. How can you really make sure to be healthy at a time when life throws you stress from all angles. Endless holiday food, family events, presents, work parties, and time crunches???? Well, perhaps it’s time to look at the holidays in a different light.

The whole purpose of the holiday season is to “be” with friends and family. What if you spent all your time talking with your guests, creating meaningful memories, and cherishing family moments instead of hussling around doing meaningless things. Most Thanksgivings meals take 12 hours to prepare and 15 minutes to consume, then you can tack on an extra 2 hours to clean up. Hmmm, when do you share joy and thankfulness? Well, may I suggest a different approach.

First get rid of the TV – I know I can hear the boooohs already. We have plenty of days to watch the darn game so shush. Then set up games around the house (pin the feather on the turkey, indoor bean bag toss, 3 legged races for the basement). Next roll out a big piece of paper and ask guests to write their what they are thankful for (there should be plenty of room in case a little bumpkin gets crayola inspiration). You may be wondering how you do all this while slaving in the kitchen??? Local grocers do a great job creating a whole meal, locally Kowalski’s market charges $110 for a full healthy meal for 12! Affordable, easy, stress free. So, manage your stress by reducing it. Enjoy the fresh winter air perhaps play some snow football. Cheers!