I had a booger on my lip

I was on a long, post turkey day, walk with a large group of my clients and their family members.  It was such a great moment I was meeting new people, spending time with treasured friends – I was in my element.  I was so happy, fresh air, families, and a little adventure from the icy roads – what could be better.  I was walking around chatting everyone up, learning about their holiday meals and plans for the upcoming winter.  We were all in good spirits, under my breath I was singing Christmas carols – I couldn’t even help it.  Then it happened.  Just minutes from the finish my husband says, you have something on your lip.  It looks like a booger he says.  I die a little…it was a booger and I knew exactly how it got there.

At the start of the walk my daughter’s nose was running and I saw a green pea-sized marble working it’s way onto her lip.  I didn’t have a tissue, so I did what any good mother would do, I tried to wipe it away with her shirt…it didn’t quite reach.  Alas, with no other choice, I used my glove. One quick stroke and it was gone. Then I simply swiped my finger in the snow to rid myself of any evidence (like any good northerner would). I smiled and thought to myself – crisis averted. Nope.  Moments later, a few strands of hair blew into my mouth and got glued there from my ever-present winter chapstick.  I quickly wiped the hair away, and while the hair was gone, the booger got relocated.

I was happy when my hubby had my back, but I had literally talked to dozens of people who neglected to tell me about the shiny green number staring back at them.  Why would they see the train-wreck of a situation unfolding in front of them and say nothing? Did they talk about it later, I wondered? In the end, I had to realize it wasn’t their job to save me from the booger.

That brings me to the bigger point. I think we often walk around with a train wreck situation and other people notice, but they don’t do anything to really help. It’s not that they don’t like you, maybe even love you, but it’s not their job. That’s where trumi coaching comes in. We often have all the tools we need, but we don’t know how to use them. We’ve spent hundreds if not thousands on gym memberships, diet foods, and gimmicks, but those things were no better then the snow at helping to remove our booger. We all need someone who has our back; someone to care about our whole self, our best self, our true self.   Someone that’s not afraid to tell you about the booger and even give you something to take care of it. Let us be your someone. Whether that’s helping you manage stress, eat better, move more, or just learn to laugh more often. We’re ready, we’re equipped, and we totally have your back. To learn more visit http://trumi.com/stillwater-mn/

Laugh more
Laugh more