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Hudson Boot Camp

928 10th St. N Hudson, WI 54016


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Trumi Hudson is located outdoors during the spring, summer and fall months. The park is our gym. Get ready to experience the fresh air while we sweat it out on the pavement, park bench, or nearby playground. Sound intriguing? Join us!

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Krista Bergman


Fitness is more than physical strength. As a health and fitness professional, Krista believes in lifestyle balance. Social, emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, & environmental components are incorporated in workout sessions because they all contribute to our total wellness.

My love for fitness began when I attended my mom's group fitness class on 'take your daughter to work day' when I was 12. I am passionate about helping each person figure out what it means for them to achieve their optimal health. I enjoy helping people of all fitness levels see results by creating a fun & challenging environment where clients feel accomplished after every workout. My clients develop physical and mental strength so they can take on the challenges of everyday life.