Hormones, A Balancing Act!

Balancing Hormones and Cutting the GMO’s

Can you believe that at gas stations across America more dollars are spent on food and beverages than gas? I think that speaks volumes about the state of our health. Eighty million Americans are insulin resistant which leads us down the slippery slope of health care and what to do about it. This is a BIG issues and one that we need to be proactive about and take more responsibility for our own health. So here are a few steps to take control of our health and prevent long term illnesses and disease states – because WE CAN!

How? By balancing our hormones and cutting out GMO foods.

Due to diets high in processed foods (think gas station), sugary beverages, and refined carbohydrates people are developing all sorts of issues like:

Low energy
Sugar cravings
Poor Sleep
Dry skin
Think hair
Belly fat
Sluggishness in the morning and afternoon

We often look to the quick fix of the vending machine or coffee to make an impact just to get us through the rest of the day. What happens when we go to the vending machine? What happens when we don’t eat for hours and then buy a slice of pizza from the convenience store because we are starving? Well, because of all the sugar and chemicals in those processed foods our bodies don’t recognize how to work WITH it. Our pancreas has to work over time to keep our body balanced and pumps out insulin. Then we binge again on Mike and Ike’s or a muffin (or something of the like) and more insulin is pumped out to keep our body balanced. When this happens over and over and over again we become insulin resistant! Our hormones and brain messengers are having to work overtime and may just give out. Our bodies are in a constant state of stress due to the consumption of foods that have no nutritional value and deprive us of the ability to think clearly. This leaves us sluggish and often times depressed with our fair share of excess fat around the waist.

Now, let’s throw GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) into the mix! Corn, soy and cotton are the most highly genetically modified organisms. If we take the time to look at food labels, we will see that most processed foods incorporates some type of corn or soy in them. Not only are we getting poor nutrition from these foods which send the body into panic mode, but we consume a whole host of chemicals (insecticides, pesticides, antibiotics, preservatives, etc) along with it that interrupt your bodies ability to send and receive brain signals. One of the chemicals is called neonicotinoids and is currently under review in MN for killing pollinating honeybees. I don’t know about you but I don’t want anything in my body that could be responsible for the decline of the honeybee!

What to do?

Eat WHOLE, ORGANIC FOODS (a common Trumi Theme).
Use natural cleaning products in your home (water, vinegar with a splash of lemon).
Exercise-Increase your muscle mass.
Eat green veggies like broccoli, collard greens, spinach, asparagus and green beans.
Eat Omega 3 fats like wild salmon, avocado, walnuts, seeds, coconut and olive oils, and meats from pasture raised animals.
Increase your proteins such as eggs and nuts.
Eliminate sugar and processed foods – you only NEED 30g/day of sugar and you don’t reallly need any processed foods.
Get a regular dose of Vitamin D-sushine is even better!
Write to your representative or senator and ask for their support in labeling GMO foods so we know what we are eating.