Healthy Snack Ideas that even Kids will Like

It may seem like the only food marketed to kids are pre-packaged, preserved, and full of additives. While it might seem like an easy fix for a child that’s constantly on-the-go, these foods could lead to obesity and heart problems early in life.

Kids are more likely to eat healthy foods if you make them appealing. Here are some fun healthy snack ideas:

  • Toothpick kabobs with bites of apple, grapes, cheese and turkey

  • Deviled eggs and orange slices

  • Slices of organic deli meat spread with cream cheese and carrot sticks

  • Plain organic full fat yogurt topped with blue berries and chopped nuts

Don’t get discouraged if you kids don’t like the food right away – it can take up to 20 tastings before a child likes a new food. Developing good eating habits early can prevent health problems in the future.

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