Health and Spirituality-yes SPIRITUALITY!

Health and Spirituality

This may seem like a stretch BUT there is actually scientific research that supports the link between Spirituality and Health and Healing. It does not necessarily mean that you have to have a specific God you are worshipping but it’s that ‘better or higher being’ that can’t necessarily even be seen but felt. There have actually been over 250 studies looking at the link between spiritual commitment and stroke, cancer, cardiovascular disease, colitis, hypertension, enteritis, general health status and mortality.  

Research supports that those who are ‘spiritually committed’ have: 

  • lower diastolic blood pressures

  • lower risky behaviors such as smoking and excessive drinking

  • even if a smoker/drinker, those with strong spiritual convictions were 7 times less likely to have abnormal diastolic blood pressures

  • lower rates of arteriosclerotic disease 

  • better general health and longer lives

  • decreased rates of suicide

  • greater levels of  happiness and life satisfaction

  • faster healing times and lower complications when undergoing surgical procedures

  • lower depression rates

So if a Personal Trainer, Physician, Care Giver, or someone else asks you about your spiritual beliefs know that they simply want you to be as healthy as possible and recover quickly and without complications. It is interesting that 95% of Americans express a belief in God, yet we don’t really discuss how that impacts health and medicine. Health care is continually trying to make improvements in the quality of care and this may be an overlooked area. So often we focus on procedures, new medicines and interventions but spirituality has a definite place in our health as well. Take the time to meditate, communicate, worship however you see fit to what ever higher power you believe in and chances are you may just increase your health!