Grocery Store – Where & What to Buy

Do you go to the grocery store and literally have no clue where to start? It can be overwhelming especially if healthy eating is new to you. We’re here to help, we have put together a grocery store blog to give you some inside tips on what our trainers really like from different grocery stores.
Where to Buy?

Trader Joe’s – Best overall pricing for a full grocery cart. They have great prices on organic produce, seeds, spreads, eggs, and cheese. They commit to no hormones in their products, no artificial preservatives, no MSG. Check out their nuts (not literally silly) – prices can’t be beat!

Kowalski’s – Sells high quality food, including excellent produce and meat. Expect a price tag to match. Example: AppleGate Uncured Turkey Bacon sells for $3 more than at Target.

Target – Their organic and natural section is growing. They carry AppleGate farm meats that are delicious, natural, and budget friendly.

Costco – Nice for buying in bulk: coconut oil, greek yogurt, kefir, chia seeds, flax seeds, nuts, string cheese, etc. Lowest prices on grass-fed meats and wild-caught fish, good price on organic produce and eggs (HUGE QUANTITIES)

Cub – Largest selection of food, large seasoning selection, best coupon-ing options, higher priced organic foods and lower quality.

Co-ops and Whole Foods – Best local options, freshest produce/eggs/meat, most expensive prices on almost everything outside of bulk foods options.

Farmer’s Markets – A bit more expensive than a local grocer, but not on all fronts. Plus you support local and engage in a fun experience. Not sure when Farmer Market’s are or where they are happening? Click here for times, dates, and location in the TC –

***Fresh, organic produce is a great source of nutrients and should make up at least ½ your diet. It may be difficult to go completely organic, so buy these 12 fruits and vegetables organically since they have the highest level of contaminants, known as the

Dirty Dozen:



Sweet Bell Peppers






Grapes (imported)




What to Buy?

At Trumi when going to the grocery we like to stay on the outside edge of the grocery store. This is where the fresh produce and meats are usually kept. When grocery shopping your cart should be about 75% filled with produce before you move on to the “other stuff” in the store. Trumi Training Stillwater did a grocery store tour at Trader Joe’s these were some on the comments on foods.

Kale Sprouts – roast in oven (drizzle with ghee and salt generously 425 degrees for 15 min)

Buying Lettuce – eat one whole bag at a sitting (buy 5 so you’ll have one for every day at work or home)

Apples – Great snacks for kids, if you’re at Trader Joe’s they offer organic apple slices.

Grapes – add plain Greek yogurt and voila you’ve got a great desert!

Veggies such as zucchini or spaghetti squash are great for making noodles

Meats – Traders Joe’s has a great selection, buy hormone free, pasture raised or grass fed, those meats then will have higher omega 3 and that’s what you want. The pre-seasoned meats are Trader Joe’s can be high in sodium, but their seasoning doesn’t have MSG, preservatives, or artificial coloring

Eggs – look for pasture raised. It’s confusing, but as a general rule of thumb, the more expensive the egg, the higher quality.

Yogurt – Look for hormone free yogurt, this is especially good for young girls because they don’t need extra hormones being pumped into their bodies while they are growing

Breads – Look for sprouted bread for a more whole source, or try rye or pumpernickel that come from a sour starter.

Coffee – Trader’s Joes has a good selection of organic coffee, if you are looking for decaf coffee look for organic (avoid chemical decaffeination)

Peanut Butter and Almond Butter – Good quality, great taste, budget friendly

Canned Food – if you are going to get canned food look to see if it was packaged in water, you don’t want your food sitting in a syrup. Before consuming rinse thoroughly with water.

Olive Oil or Coconut Oil – best used for cooking less than 350 degrees

Salad Dressing – Trader Joes has great-refrigerated options; check serving size, but you’ll find they are delicious and reasonable in your macronutrient category.

Curry Sauce – Trader Joes has a great curry sauce to spice up your stirfrys.

Fish – Wild-caught, is best. Most fresh is flash frozen immediately to maintain freshness.

Deli Meat – look for nitrate free or no added nitrates.

Cheese – shredded cheese has a long list of ingredients mostly to keep the cheese from clumping. Save all that extra stuff and shred your own straight from the block.

Flax seeds, chia seeds, or hemps seeds – Really easy things to add to your diet – Hemp Seeds also have protein ***Chia seeds and fresh or thawed berries make good jams or jellies

Nuts – Walnuts have the highest amounts of Omega 3, look for prepackaged nuts in the recommended serving size so you can keep your serving size in check – most of us pop open and bag and can’t stop. Too much of a good thing is just too much.

Oatmeal – look for steel cut oats; add a scoop of protein for a more balanced meal.

Dried Fruit – freeze dried fruit typically contains a lot less sugar than sundried. While packaged fruit seems more convenient it can be a sneaky source of too much sugar.

And there you have it what Trumi Trainers and Trumates buy at the grocery store. We hope this was helpful and happy shopping!