Free Range vs. Caged

You know the old saying a pictures says a thousand words…well…we’ll let these photos do the talking…

Cage (left) Free Range (right)
Free Range (left) Caged (right)







The biggest misconception about eggs – they are supposed to be big and have a big yellow yolk. Wrong! Eggs that come from a free range chicken are smaller, orange, and cloudier. That is because the chickens haven’t been in a stressful environment and they were able to produce a healthy egg. It doesn’t matter what the color of the shell is – that is determined by the chicken. What really counts is the INSIDE.

When buying eggs you’ll see many different things from different colored shells or different sizes even different labels like cage free or free range. So what’s the difference besides cage free and free range? Cage free means the chicken isn’t in a cage. It’s not being locked up and can roam but cage free means that the chicken is still in a big barn. Stepping over many other chickens and stepping in filth. For a chicken that is still a stressful environment. Free range is what you should buy at the grocery store! Free range means the chicken is literally roaming free around the farm. This chicken will produce a very healthy egg because it isn’t in a stressed environment.

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