Foods that Naturally Boost your Immune System



It’s probably safe to say that we all were (and still may be) quite alarmed over the Ebola outbreaks overseas. We have been through weather changes, flu season, kids bringing germs home from school, visiting to the workplace, malls and whereever else  we go. How do we improve our immunity? Is there really something we can do about it? OF COURSE there is!

It is what we preach and teach all the time: Eat Whole, Clean and Pure Foods! There just is nothing similar to them. In a recent study on apples, which was really shown to keep the doctor away, polyphenols  (the antioxidant), were show to reduce bad cholesterol by 40%! The capsule form however had a reduction but not to the awesome point of 40%! If you want to increase your immunity eat real foods that contain nutrients you need on a daily basis and fiber to help feed that good bacteria in your gut! Sure, it’s easy to pop a multivitamin (and on some days you may need it) but it’s even better to eat plant based, fiber rich foods that contain Vitamin C, E, Zinc and Selenium.

Another great way to boost your immunity is to control your stress! How is this possible when everyone is so overworked, making less money, carting their kids to and from activities, hooked into technology where everyone expects an instant response.

Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Soak in the Tub: Throw some Epsom salts in there and relax for 10 minutes!

  • Coconut Oil as a moisturizer: After you get out of that tub, rub coconut oil into your warm skin. Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial externally and internally…throw a teaspoon in your coffee!

  • Meditation: Lay on the floor, close your eyes and envision yourselt flying in the clouds or white ispace surrounding you, think of your happy place-where the sun shines and radiates positive vibes! That place REALLY exists-visualize it!

  • Journal: Write all of your thoughts, ideas, feelings out before you go to bed..or first thing in the morning. You can always use it in the bonfire if you don’t want it hanging around!

When you eat clean you naturally increase your fiber intake! Aim for 30grams each day to become a healthier you and have a healthier gut building that immunity!