Foam Roll Like a Pro!

Foam Roll Like a Pro!


Knees bothering you? Is your low back a bit twitchy lately?

A foam roller may be the answer to elevating everyday aches and pains. Not only that, but it can prevent some major injuries and keep you on track with your fitness program.

A foam roller is a dense Styrofoam cylinder that works like a deep tissue massage. Think of your muscles like a rubber band. Exercise, improper movement patterns, and muscle imbalances can create tension in the muscle. This “tension” affects the length tension relationship between muscle, joints, and ligaments. Envision tying a know in your rubber band, now it is shorter than it is supposed to be, right? Foam rolling can elevate muscle tension returning muscles to balance and providing relief of pain.

Foam rolling can be done as a warm-up to any workout, and as a cool down. If you have pain or muscle tightness, foam rolling is essential, prior to your workout. This will allow your muscles to work efficiently and prevent injury during the workout. Bringing your muscles back to the proper length after a workout, will provide for proper healing and reduce post exercise soreness.

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