Faux Meal


This is a recipe created in house with the pictures also taken in house. Because we are fancy and awesome. Enjoy!


(Makes 1 serving)

– 1 tbsp flax seed (grind yourself or get the already ground meal)

– 1 tbsp chia seeds

– 1bsp coconut flour (or almond)

– 5 tbsp water (3 tbsp if using almond flour)

– 2 tbsp of PB2

– 1 scoop of Naked Whey

– Almond milk


1. Grind and place your flax seeds into a microwave safe bowl (or just place the already ground bought flax into the bowl)

2. Add the chia seeds, flour, and water

3. Stir these ingredients together

4. Microwave for 1 minute

5. Add your PB2 and Naked Whey

6. Stir, it will be pretty thick

7. Add a bit of almond/coconut milk until you reach desired consistency

8. Oh snap! Faux meal = complete.