Farm to Table Restaurants

It was very easy to find a list of Farm to Table restaurants. Just google Farm to Table resturants in your specific area and a yelp page should come up as a search.

Every once in a while it’s fun to try new restaurants. A lot of restaurants are become healthier with farm fresh ingredients or healthy recipes. It’s taken the midwest a little longer than other parts of the country but the Twin Cities have some pretty awesome Farm to Table restaurants.


To name a few –

  1. The Wise Eatery
  2. The Bachelor Farmer
  3. Corner Table
  4. Restaurant Alma
  5. The Copper Hen
  6. 112 Eatery
  7. The Craftsman
  8. Marin Restaurant and Bar
  9. Birchwod Cafe
  10. Cafe Maude


For a list of Farm to Table restaurants with reviews and links to restaurant websites visit –

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