Fabulous Facts about Fiber


Did your mother ever tell you “Girl/Son, You need to eat more fiber”? Or perhaps it was less fiber? Well, these days, we certainly don’t here much about fiber at all!! Whenever I think of fiber I sing the song in my head (I think you know it too:-) “Beans, beans the musical fruit! The more you eat the more you toot! The more you toot, the better you feel so let’s have beans for every meal”! I remember my brothers and myself singing that at the dinner table and my folks unsure if they should laugh or cry (poor souls)! Well, in all honesty, we need to be singing those melodies a bit more these days!

Did you know the average American gets only about 5 grams of fiber a day? Our ancestors who ate what they farmed would eat around 100 grams a day of fiber! What a drastic change! Sadly, this is due to our Standard American Diet in which most meals come out of a box instead of spending some time cooking. When meals come out of a box, often the fiber and crucial vitamins and minerals are removed and not replaced well at all. Fiber rich foods are essential with helping people maintain a healthy weight and not be hungry all day long!

There is a lot of talk now about “Gut Health’ and how your immunity starts with the digestive tract. We want to help promote a healthy body which does means a healthy gut. When we eat more fiber: vegetables, fermented foods, whole foods from the earth such as avocados, broccoli, berries, flax, beans etc there is naturally occurring fiber in all of those foods. Our ‘good gut bacteria’ eat fiber. Thus, if we don’t eat these great fiber sources there is no ‘food’ for your good gut bacteria to eat and multiply. When you eat foods that are processed, or filled with sugar (simple carbohydrates too), those sugary foods feed your “bad gut bacteria” which throws your system out of balance! Ever heard of a yeast overgrowth, inability to fight off illnesses, brain fog, skin problems, and inflammation. Well, that can often times be due to an imbalance of your gut flora!

  • When fiber is consumed it helps to keep your blood sugar stable, which fights cravings, it keeps you full, which keeps your weight under control.

  • Can help prevent stroke and heart attacks

  • Better skin…fiber helps to remove yeast and fungus from your body through “Elimination” instead of through your skin (yuck!)

  • Of course, fiber lowers your risk of hemorrhoids and nobody wants those!

  • Fiber feeds your good gut bacteria-this is good!! Sugar feeds your bad gut bacteria which will gunk up your system leaving you feeling overweight, foggy, unable to fight illness.

So, let’s raise our glasses and toast to fabulous fiber!! Maybe even let your family sing along for old time sake!! Ready? Beans, beans, the musical fruit…….