Diet Mistakes that Age You

The foods we eat – or don’t eat – can speed along the process of aging. A healthy diet is one of the most important ways to reduce aging. Below are some common mistakes that people make in their diet that can make them feel older.

Avoiding animal protein: Vitamin B12, which is essential for energy, is found only in foods derived from animals. Vitamin B12 also helps regulate your metabolism and is an important part of maintaining a healthy brain and nervous system.

Lacking manganese and copper: Manganese and copper prevent joint pain and are essential for maintaining joint cartilage and flexibility.

Avoiding healthy fats: Omega-3 fats are a part of the brain’s building blocks. A lack of healthy fats can weaken your brain and can cause your brain function, including memory to deteriorate.

Favoring packaged foods over whole foods: Packaged foods are high in sodium, which can result in high blood pressure. Fruits and vegetables contain potassium, which can lower blood pressure levels.

Eating healthy foods and taking supplements can help prevent aging.

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