(adults 18-60)

Forget the diets, fitness fads, and quick fixes – It’s time to experience Trumi.

The signature 12-week course is run by nationally certified coaches; we blend fitness, nutrition guidance and health coaching into one  supportive and encouraging team environment. Join your community and be a part of the Real fitness revolution.


(adults 60+)

High mileage doesn’t mean no horsepower!

You want a fitness program that understands your experience, but doesn’t take your age for granted. We’ll show you some of the most effective ways to stay young, vital, and feeling your best. We combine optimum nutrition coaching and low impact fitness techniques for a pro-active approach to gaining health and avoiding disease.

TRUMI TruYouth

(age 13 -17)

You want your OWN fitness program, where you can connect with REAL friends and get a REAL workout.

At your age, you know you’re practically invincible, but you also know that healthy habits for your future start now.  At Trumi, you’ll learn proper foods to eat and strength training that will make you feel Supernatural!

TRUMI Troopers

(age 6 -12)

Fitness and friendship beat bullies every time!

This program is a fun way to build self-esteem and learn all about health. We play games, chat about nutrition, and create teamwork scenarios. It’s a chance to run around, work up a sweat, and have fun. Each week you will experience something new, make new friends, and set the foundational principles for life-long health.

TRUMI Trumites

(age 0 - 5 with adult)

Kick, scream and shout WITH your kids!

Designed to let you and your little ones 0-5 years old workout together! You won’t even notice the calories you’re burning while you connect with your child and learn new ways to stay healthy as a family. Get nutrition tips, healthy recipes, and understand the best way to lay the right foundation for your family’s health.