Cleanse Your Diet Regulary

Cleanse Your Diet Regulary


While cleanse diets may seem like a fad, detoxing is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We regularly consume artificial flavors and colors, pesticides, herbicides and other toxins in processed food. The toxins are often stored in fatty tissues and build up over time. This forces our organs to work overtime, increasing our risk for chronic illnesses and diseases. People who cleanse regularly experience increased energy, fewer aches and pains, and a leaner, cleaner and healthier physique.

Try this three-week cleanse:


Don’t eat foods that tax or harm your body because they are difficult to process or digest (e.g., animal meat, eggs, and dairy); lead to unstable energy levels (e.g., sugar, alcohol, and caffeine); or cause inflammation (gluten).


Drink at least two quarts of water each day and eat meals with a simple combination of whole, gluten-free grain, a low-sugar fruit and/or vegetable, and a vegan protein.

Boost the benefits

Sleep well: Rest helps your body repair itself, so aim to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night
Exercise: Sweat out toxins with four to six days of exercise per week
De-stress: Get a massage, do yoga, or soak in a hot bath with mineral salts to draw toxins out of the deepest places in your body
Be environmental: Steer clear of toxins whenever you can – opt for all-natural personal care and household cleaning products
Free your mind: Spend a few moments every day clearing out the mental clutter and focusing on optimism and gratitude to give yourself greater mental clarity and focus

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