Clean Up Your Kitchen

It’s a new year so let’s start off on a new foot. Clean up your kitchen! Having a clean kitchen with healthy groceries and organic spices will help you to achieve your goals for 2016!


We’ve created a checklist for each day this week to follow:

Monday – Condiments: Many hidden ingredients are in condiments making them unhealthy. When people use condiments they tend to not weigh and just pour or squeeze onto their food. Check out the labels on your condiments – if you can’t read what’s on the label pitch it!

Tuesday – Spices: Spices add yummy flavors to otherwise boring dishes but if you’re using spices that are high in sodium they won’t be good for your health. Instead of spices try using fresh ingredients i.e. use fresh basil or parsley.

Wednesday – Fridge: Have those holiday leftovers still sittin’ in the fridge? Time to pitch! It’s a new year to start out on a new foot. Any juices or alcohols that made it into the fridge, pitch. Any pasta meals or potatoes that came in, pitch. Any desserts still left lingering in the back, pitch. You don’t want or need to temptation.

Thursday – Freezer: Is it sometimes just easier to throw in a frozen meal in the microwave than having to cook? We know, we get it. But you may not realize that those meals are a pile of salt. Those “Smart Ones” aren’t healthy and they have almost no nutritional value. Pitch them!

Are we starting to sound like a broken record? We have one more day left. Can you guess what we’re pitching on Friday?

Friday – Pantry: While the kids were off of school the house may have filled up with cereals, mac & cheese, and chips! Time to …what’s that? Oh yes, pitch them! Stick with fresh foods for snacks and meals. Instead of cereal try eggs and sausage, instead of chips try carrot sticks, don’t cook mac & cheese cook spaghetti squash!