Clean up your Dirty Diet-Gut Health

Do you wonder why you eat the entire bag of pringles? Why that entire row of oreo cookies disappears before your eyes in no time? Well, it’s because the food industry has decided that the more we eat, the more profitable they can be – basic business sense, but to our body’s detriment. We, Americans, are the most overweight country yet have the best health care and technology in the world. What on earth is going on with that?

The Answer – Processed foods! This week we want you going through your cupboards, your refridgerator, your freezer, pantry, the basement storage area and throw away anything that has the ingredients listed below. If you cannot pronounce it or Grandma (Great Grandma) would not know what on earth it is-toss it. We don’t need it! These processed foods are made to make us want more and more never satisfying our hunger and they are filled with chemicals that mess us up with side effects like: obesity, headaches, depression, ‘plumbing issues’, vision loss, hormone imbalance, asthma, elevated cholesterol, vitamin deficiencies, stroke, allergic responses, nervousness and other terrible issues. Your health is on the line so pull up those undies and get the job done.

1. Artificial Sweeteners: watch your soda, gum, desserts, yogurt and childrents vitamins!
2. High Fructose Corn Syrup: this is the devil carb that is undetected in your body! You will continue to eat this stuff, never get satisfied and our livers turn it right to fat!
3. Hydrogenated Oils/Trans Fats: this one raises your ‘bad’ cholesterol and lowers your ‘good’ cholesterol! Think cakes, doughnuts, french fries….and on and on and on.
4. GMO’s; Genetically Modified Organisms: refined grains have nothing valuable left to fuel your body. The label must say brown rice or ‘whole wheat’ if it’s good enough to eat…but most are just empty calories.
5. MSG: -This flavor enhancer has been shown to mess with our brain chemistry. It’s been linked to nerve damage, vision loss and damage to areas of the brain dealing with hunger hormones. Walk away please!
6. Artifical additives and preservatives: These help your food to stay on the shelf as long as possible…just thinking about that dumbfounds me. I guess I really don’t want to eat something that has been on the shelf for ages…you?
7. Non-organic dairy or meats with hormones, antibiotics and steroids: We eat what that animal or fish has eaten and if it’s not choosing the best nutrition, then we are not getting the best nutrition either!

So bite the bullet and throw out anything that may have the ingredients listed above. This IS a definate challenge, but one your body and mind will appreciate in the long run!